Victory of KNU and PDF joint forces

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Nam Fighting continues in Kutkai and Kyauk Moe, and the military targets the villages. Shooting with heavy weapons

Yangon, December 26

Shan State The town of Lymadaw Fighting continues in Kutkai Township and Kyauktit Township, and the terrorist targets targeted villages. The PSLF / TNLA news and the Information Department has shot heavy artillery.

At six:30 am on December 26, the Ta’ang Army and Ta’ang Army PSLF The Ta’ang Army and Ta’ang Army (Ta’ang Tatar) were reported. Today’s military troops and Ta’ang Army and Ta’ang Army and Ta’ang Army were reported at the Military Station in Kutkai Township in Kutkai Township and at 4:33 pm.

In addition, Nams were from the Targon’s Military Center in Kyaukta Township. The village was fired six times with heavy artillery. Villager in Tuna Township in Kutkai Townships fired three arms and fired four times in the 68 games of the terrorist 68 gates in Lashio.

The town of Lymadaw Yangon Village and Lashio Township Village The terrorist military in the Violence of the Koan village was three times in the Y12 airline. He was shot four times with Jet Fighter.