United will offer the Japanese right-wing player

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Manchester United are planning to increase the number of wages of Kuo’s current wage to Kuo Fuku Kobo, Japan’s Rights.

The United Kingdom of the club’s right wing-team’s right to the club’s right wing of the club has not been aware of the other Right Win.

Currently, the United States has reported more transferring reports of transfers to the Japanese warehouse of the Japanese midfielder Kobo, and is now planning to offer up to 73,000 wages in Code.

The only 22-year-old Kubo is a good Asian player in the right wing and midfielder, which shows impressive capabilities for Southeast.

Barcelona Their Academy of Barcelona’s Academy of the Academy of Barcelona, Kobo, who is currently in the squad, is currently playing a 15-year-old player in Code.

United are also interested in the Asian star, Barba, who are full of such good features, and its current value is expected to be offered in the winter market.