Tuhel, who opened up about United’s problems

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Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel opened up about United’s problems with Manchester United, a rival they faced during the Champions League.

Bayern have been in the same group as United Galatasaray Copenhagen this season in the Champions League, and now when the group games are over, Bayern is the group leader, Copenhagen is the group runner-up, Galata is the second in the group, and United is satisfied with the group.

In this season’s Champions League, United had one win, one draw, and four losses, and conceded 15 goals. In the night’s match as well, they lost to Bayern again and could not even qualify for the Europa League, ending up at the bottom of the group.

Regarding the problems faced by the United team, Bayern coach Tuhel said, “Ten Haag is losing his main players due to injury problems in the games that will be decisive for the team. In this situation, you can also see the lack of character and quality in their team.”

“Also, there are not enough players even on the reserve list to make player changes during the match. You can also see this. It’s not an easy situation, but as Tan Hag, he knows what he has to do.”

“He knows how to influence his team. I don’t even need to go and suggest this. He will rebuild the team in the best possible way with his experience.” He remarked.