They will take full control of the Muse 105-mile trade zone

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The 3 brothers announced that they would take full control of the Muse 105-mile trade zone. There are 9 cities occupied in North Shan, including Nam Kham

Yangon, December 20

Northern Sham Province The 3 Northern Alliances officially announced that the 105-mile Muse trade zone has been controlled to a certain extent, and that they will continue to gain complete control.

In a statement issued on the night of December 18th, the 105-mile Muse trade zone has been under the control of the three twin alliances to a certain extent, although not fully, and they are continuing to work to achieve full control. At the same time, it was announced that the second phase of “Operation 1027” was being implemented at full speed.

In addition, on December 19, the Taang Army (TNLA) attacked the military council’s “New Hill” camp in Namkham city. After a month of operations, a total of 19 small groups were completely defeated and captured, and Namkham town was completely controlled. Although the military council fought fiercely from the air, the TNLA was able to attack completely. During the battle, the army seized a large number of corpses, including those of the rank of major, as well as large weapons and military equipment.

In Namkham, the Military Council’s No. 7 Operation Command Headquarters and its subordinate troops, Khlara (261), Khmer (423), (425), (426), including (143) and Dakas, a military force of nearly (900) It used to be a military base city where armed forces came and settled for many years, but at present, Nam Kham city has become the second big city in North Shan region to be completely occupied by Nyaung (3) groups.

Also, on December 19, At about 6:00 a.m., the Taang Army (TNLA) launched an offensive against the Military Council’s “130 Camp” in Mantong. During the battle, the enemy attacked around Mantong city with a large number of air strikes, with a jet fighter (5) times. (8) times with Mi-35; He fired 34 times with Y12. The army’s Mantong base is located in Mantong Township. Seykan Village Namsan city intersection It is reported that they fired at least 70 times with heavy weapons at the intersection of the refugee camp and Pannin village.

In addition to this, on December 19th, the military council camp in Mokok Township fired indiscriminately (1) time towards Upper Pein Prih village and (1) time towards the south of Slang. In addition, military council support aircraft It is learned that food reinforcement was done 2 times at the military council camp in Muse and 1 time at the military council camp in Kut Khaing.

In Kyauk Mae Township, the army deliberately bombarded Hu Kouk village with a powerful 500-pound bomb, killing 1 resident and injuring 4 people, including 2 children. It was reported that the village hall and 8 houses were damaged.

In the Northern Shan region, 9 cities attacked and captured by the 3 sister alliances, including Sinni, inflatable shop Cucumber/Pansai; Chin Shwe Ha, Namsan Namkham, nine, raw material, Kumlong.

Photo: AA Arakan Army flag hoisted in some areas of Muse 105 Mile Trade Zone.