They were hit by a powerful landmine

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Every time I bend, People’s Defense Forces-Myain Township reported that the 251st Army unit in Myain Township attacked a column of 17 people with a force of 17 on December 19 at around 4:00 p.m.

It is said that the column was attacked with a pepper mine in the middle of the village when it came out from the public houses of Semsikan village, killing 6 soldiers and seriously injuring more than 10.

It is said that the column that was dragged by mines is burning public houses in Sessikkan village this morning.

Mine attack by People’s Defense Forces-Myain Township. Battalion (2/6/7/17) Battalion (1) Company 1, who are members of Myain Pakafa, Company 2 The army of Myaing Warriors Light Ray Guerrilla Force It is reported that the MRDF forces and the KMDF Karma Defense Force (Karma Army) worked together.

Last December 15th, the People’s Defense Forces-Myaing Township PKAF group ambushed the Khlara 251 column that came out from Dinma Village in Myain Township near Tha San Village, killing 20 people, including an officer.

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