The UCL will be held in a new format starting next season

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When I say the Champions League, the group stages. playoff matches We all know that it is a big competition full of excitement and excitement. This year’s football season is the last year of the Champions League format that we have become familiar with. The next season will start with a new format and the number of participating teams will increase.

The Champions League, which will be held in the 2024-25 football season, will not reintroduce the group stage used for the past two decades, including this year. Instead of the current 4 teams and 8 groups, it will be held in a championship format.

4 teams will be added to the current 32 teams and will compete as 36 teams. All those 36 teams will be included in one big group, and each team will have to play 2 home and away matches in 8 matches as the first stage. (Which team and which team will have to vote again)

After this home-away game, the teams that will be ranked 1st to 8th in the points table will have the right to participate directly in the knockout stages. The 16 teams that will rank from 9th to 24th will have to play as a play-off stage by re-voting. The 8 teams that will win from that play-off will be able to enter the knockout stage and will have to play against the 8 teams that will be waiting.

From that 16th stage, the next stages will be played in the same way as they are playing now (16th stage – quarter – semi – final). Premier League next season La Liga 1 team from Serie A and Bundesliga will be allowed to participate in the Champions League, so 5th place will be enough for UCL entry.