The team that will recruit Tan Hag has emerged

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German Bundesliga top club Borussia Dortmund want to sign Netherlands coach Eric Tanhag, who is rumored to be unhappy at Manchester United, for the head coach position, according to some sources.

The 53-year-old Dutch coach Eric Tanhag, who moved from Ajax to Manchester United last season, has signed a contract with Manchester United until 2025.

In his first season as Manchester United coach, Eric Tanhag managed to win the Carabao Cup and finish third in the Premier League.

Manchester United’s results have been poor this season due to numerous injury problems, and they have been eliminated from the group stage of the Champions League, and due to their early exit from the Champions League, there are reports that Manchester United will soon sack Tan Hag.

According to Jan Arje Frotopf, who is a former Norwegian national team player and who often gives the inside news of football teams to fans, Samma, the former advisory director of Dortmund, is interested in signing Tan Hag to Dortmund, and if Manchester United fires Tan Hag, then Dortmund can sign Tan Hag.

Currently, Dortmund has appointed German coach Tarzis as their team’s head coach, but under Tarzis, their team is not in a position to challenge for championships, so they started thinking about changing the coach.