The Premier League legend questioned what Tan Ha is doing to benefit Manchester United

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Manchester United looked like a toothless team last Saturday, losing 2-0 to West Ham and dropping to eighth place over the Christmas period.

In the current season, Tan Hak’s team has many problems on and off the field, and not being able to score a goal has become a major concern. Even bottom of the table Sheffield United have scored slightly more than United’s 18 goals.

Hoyland, who was signed for £72 million in the summer, has not been in good form, scoring 5 goals in the Champions League but not scoring a goal in the Premier League.

Many are blaming Hoyland, but Alan Shear has pointed out this criticism.

“The fact that we can only score 18 goals in the current season is very bad if we look at United. Tan Ha said that we are making plans. I watched a lot of United’s matches this season, but to be honest, I didn’t see what the plan was.

You don’t have to put a lot of people into the goal area. At present, United’s bad delivery, selection errors, There are things that cannot be created. Shear said on the BBC’s Match of the Day programme.

He pointed out that in the current season, Anthony has sent Hoyland only 6 times, which is only 1.2 times per 90 minutes.

In addition, Ganacho could only pass 5 times, 1 time every 90 minutes, so “it’s an average for 1 game, not 5 or 6 games,” Shear said.