The only new player to really benefit Chelsea

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After the Chelsea team came into the hands of the American owners led by Todd Bolly starting last season. Spending over a billion pounds We have recruited new players to keep them diverse.

Under the new owners, the coach has changed 3 times. Except for interim coach Frank Lampard. The remaining 3 coaches were allowed to recruit new players. The current coach, Mauricio Pochettino, has almost filled the team with new players during the summer.

However, looking at Chelsea’s current position of 12th, most of Pochettino’s signings fit perfectly in the team. It must be considered that he has not been able to show his ability.

Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Marson said that among Pochettino’s signings, England’s star winger Cole Palmer, who came from Manchester City for 40 million pounds at the close of the market, was the only one who really benefited in an article of Sky Sports.

Marsan said, “If Chelsea is going to call up new players next January, Pochettino himself will need to direct them. Looking at the new players signed last summer, which one was a good signing? Which is a normal level of recruiting? Which is not a bad signing. You can even see which is a bad recruitment. ”

“This is Chelsea’s current moment. You don’t have many recruitments that completely surprise you. Cole Palmer is a really good signing. I don’t believe there will be many new players besides him. ”

“Mike Hilo Mudric has not benefited from anything yet. Kaisedo is still not in the form of a player worth £115 million. Enzo Fernandez seems to be doing well since his arrival. ”

“As for Bagcel de Sassi, it looks like he can perform well if only Thiago Silva is playing next to him. Currently, he is playing well. Nonni Maduki and Kanye Chukwuemeka have not played enough yet. ”

“The list of new players you can recite is still long. Everything is just like this. I don’t see what their ideas are behind these recruitments. He said.