The former Premier League referee wrote to urge Arteta to be severely punished

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Former Premier League referee Peter Walton has learned from the incident in which a team president assaulted the referee during a league match in Turkey, urging those who handle the match to be more protective.

In addition, Peter Walton said that Premier League coaches should face more serious punishments, including deducting points, if they behave disrespectfully towards referees. Walton told The Times: “We now need more protection for those responsible for handling the event. ”

“That’s why Klopp, Coaches like Arteta will think twice about complaining and criticizing the referee after the match. We need to impose more severe punishments. So we will see some changes. ”

“I saw that Arteta was sent off. He has to sit in his chair and do his job. I don’t think it’s enough to punish him for one match. Longer suspension penalties and point reductions are needed. ”

“Also, managers should not be allowed inside the ring during kicking. Only after these punishments are imposed will they know that bullying and insulting those responsible during the match is completely wrong. “He wrote.