The Chelsea team had practiced penalties

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In the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup played this morning, Chelsea drew against Newcastle in a normal 90 minutes thanks to a late goal by winger Mikheil Mudric. In the penalty shootout, they won 4-2. Entered the semi-finals.

Cole Palmer, who was responsible for the penalty decision, Connor Golger Christopher Nkonkou and Mudric were able to score in the end. 4 Newcastle goalkeeper Martin Dubreka was not able to protect their penalties at all.

At the press conference after the game, Chelsea coach Mauricio Pochettino answered whether they had penalty practice before the game against Newcastle.

Pochettino said, “We always practice penalties. But that’s not why we won today’s match. how to end How to kick a goal How to position the ball how to resist Penalty training includes everything. ”

“I don’t take penalty kicks every day. But a few days a week, the players practice penalty kicks. To be honest, you can take the penalty every day. But the real game is your ability to control pressure. Only related to quality. ”

“Even if I practice the penalty every day, if I’m shivering in the actual game, can I finish it? So the penalty has more to do with your quality than training. He said.

Pochettino continued, “This kind of match is important. Especially our efforts to reach the semi-finals. Everton who played badly The Premier League defeat against Newcastle was also important for us. These help us see where we need to improve. ”

“Both are important to us. I am very satisfied with today’s event. Because the team members who are not in the field You will also be able to see that even the injured team members shared their happiness after the game. ”

“Our team just needs time.” It seems to be a healthy and happy group of players. Our coaching team’s job is to give the right direction to the players on a daily basis to improve. ”

“Over time, we have become more competitive; Chelsea can rise to the level where they should be. A very good team will be able to build. He said.