The attacking player of Liverpool

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Liverpool’s Dutch forward Cody De Geapo has revealed that he hopes his team can perform in the same way as last year when they face Manchester United at Anfield today.

Last year, when Liverpool and Manchester United faced each other at Anfield, the host Liverpool won the most bitter opponent with a surprising result of (7) goals and no goals. In that match, Gappo also scored (2) goals for the team.

In fact, even though Gapo was the most in the news with Man United before arriving at Liverpool, United preferred Anthony over Gapo, and Liverpool was able to intercept Gapo from United quickly.

Now, Gappo said about the match against United again, “Last year’s match was a good match. We also know that we will win. Both teams played their best in the first half and I started scoring just before the end of the first half.”

“He didn’t hear much from the second half. Darwin scored another goal. And I added the third goal. It was great for us to be able to score quick goals at the start of the second half and put the game away.”

“When I got a point, I noticed that it’s not just about trying to score goals, it’s more important to dominate the game and do your best. We hope to be able to do it again in the same format as that match.” expressed.