Techniques to lessen culture shock

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I have spent most of my professional life in the field of technology. I spent my early years at his Apple, Intel, and then Google, all of which made me feel at ease. I had to prove myself to other organizations for several months before they thought I was competent enough to be hired full time. I didn’t have a concrete example from my professional experience about what it takes to do this.During this time, I also noticed people who were born in two countries and grew up in two different cultures. After experiencing culture shock, you have to learn how to mitigate it so that you can enjoy life and travel more easily. Here are some strategies that can help you become less resilient to new things.

1) Ignore the culture shock and focus on your work

Many people experience culture shock when training in a new location. You may have grown up in an unfamiliar environment. The only way so many people manage to get by is to “fit” into the cultural norms of their country. This will definitely have a negative impact on their quality of work. Instead of getting upset about it, if possible, learn to focus completely on the task at hand before following local customs. There are many tools that help us understand how to act based on

For example, on sites like IMG, viewers can learn how people behave in other countries by watching videos of people talking and acting. There are also websites created specifically for this purpose. Along with these facts, you begin to find yourself reflected in the stories of real residents. People chat about things they’ve never seen before and tell personal anecdotes about what happened in the past so they don’t get tired of talking about unimportant things. These movies might make you forget about the main issue, but they’ll force you to think about it later if you’re not prepared. In addition, stories serve as powerful memories that stay with you forever.

2) Watch movies from your country (or anywhere else in the world)

Watching movies and TV shows from your own country may be unusual, but there are many things you can do. The differences between your home country and the country depicted in the movies are sometimes very funny. Most filmmakers freely portray life in a foreign country. John Woo’s film Born on Third Street is an example. As you watch, keep these considerations in mind until you reach your goal.
The first of his J. Abrams characters, Charlie Day, is introduced in this film. His father tells him how he grew up in the city and what went wrong in his life.

Second, his mother speaks English and he states that he speaks Japanese as his first language. Finally, in describing their area, the article mentions common activities such as opening pizza boxes, making sandwiches, and playing ball, but the challenges people living here face It also mentions challenges.

David Lynch’s Twin Peaks is another example. Many people will find themselves saying things like:
“I wanted to spend my whole life here.” But it’s not. Many people are interested in our history and culture, but we live in a place that helps us find ourselves.

Watching classic movies such as Citizen Kane gives us a better understanding of how we got to this feeling and why we have this perspective. , gives us a glimpse of the events that led to that feeling. All of these will teach you useful things. For example, how certain everyday situations lead to certain behaviors, or how certain foods change someone’s appearance. please do not worry. Remember it happens to other people too. Also, be careful when visiting certain areas, so remember this phrase when someone tells you that you’ve gone too far.

If anything, you should feel like you’ve returned to the whole world instead of your own country or community. Also, keep in mind that the film doesn’t imply that everyone is connected to their roots.If you want to study abroad, find a reputable school and an English-speaking teacher. You can then choose whether this class is virtual or real. Try to make friends with other students for as long as you like.

3) participate

If you’ve never considered visiting outside your city, or the need to talk to strangers or people you don’t know, it’s time to think again. Yes, being alone is no fun. When you are alone, you have to face the reality of your situation, which means it doesn’t have to be your biggest enemy. Being able to meet new people and connect with people of all ethnicities is one of the best aspects of living in this country. Therefore, it is important to make new friends wherever you are. These days, you can use social media sites like Facebook to meet people from your area.

Check back often to see what museums and theaters your city has to offer. Another suggestion is to stay active on YouTube. Don’t waste your time looking at old messages. Instead, look for interesting information. Communicating with others and expressing your thoughts not only makes you feel better, but it also builds your confidence. This will also help you understand that you are not ashamed to share your knowledge with others in your country. So what do you have to lose? Get involved and get involved!

4) Be friendly

Living in a new city or country requires making friends with other people. Not only with your colleagues, but also with people you work with outside the organization. Don’t hide behind company policies and procedures. Be sure to greet your co-workers as soon as they enter the office. During your lunch break, make sure to smile and introduce yourself, as getting to know each other is reassuring. You can also try to meet new people. Start small and get to know the people you pass by every day. Even better, if you have a friend who travels a lot, offer to go out drinking with them.

Always check if they are happy with you. Finally, if you’ve ever worked remotely, look for ways to make others happy and share your thoughts and feelings about your home country. Finally, openness to learning and compassion are key qualities for improving relationships with others and those around us. Having a good attitude towards those around you can boost your self-confidence and may help you make new friends.