Tan Hag responded that he was not worried about the coaching position

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Manchester United coach Eric Tanhag has been rumored to be fired from his coaching position, but he insists that he is not worried about such situations.

Dutch football coach Tan Haag is currently in his second season as United coach, and although he was successful in his debut season, he is struggling this season.

After playing (16) matches in the Premier League this season, Tan Hag has even lost (7) matches, and in the Champions League, they had to leave the competition at the bottom of the table. In addition, Tan Hag’s United have been weak this season, and the playing field has become less and less effective.

Although Tan Hag’s position as a coach has come to a state of concern due to these circumstances, Tan Hag said, “I don’t have such worries.” Because I came here to achieve success. And the team will do better.”

“Even if the team plays well, I still say that I am not good enough. Now we are not stable, so I have to work hard so that the team can play at a high level for a long time.”

“I feel that the team is supporting me. They told me this too. These are no problems. At the moment, I’m just focusing on the team’s progress. I’m just focusing on improving the performance of individual players to make the team better.” He opened up.