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Two wounded police in Monywa Township killed five police chiefs by the revolutionary force of the revolutionary forces

Yangon, December 26

Sagaing Division A revolutionary forces in Monywa have killed a wounded police in the Monywa Township, with 3 gunships in the Monywa National League for Defense.

On December 24, 11:45 am, a wounded police officer in the police camp; Soldiers; A car accompanied by the four police chiefs of the civilian defense forces has not stopped by the military, and the terrorist cargo troops on the car. Both police have died.

2 G3 guns used during the shootouts; He was saved 1 handgun gun, and it was not successful until the public defense forces. In addition, two charity dries were safely rescued.

The attack was held in Monywa Township, Monywa Township. No. 2 circles in the circuit of the cabinet. 2 Ccloba The guerrillas were arrested in the forest. Public Security Team – Pluf Felipe, Monywa Township God of monywa; Golden Eagle, It was a great day for me.