Ronaldo, who was almost injured by an intruder who was trying to take a selfie

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Ronaldo to hug in the field while kicking the ball, He is used to encountering fans who run to him to take selfies. However, a small moment he encountered in the away field of the Euro qualifier against Bosnia almost caused him to be injured. Ronaldo scored 2 goals and assisted 1 goal in that game, which Portugal won with a 5-goal deficit.

At one point in the match against Bosnia, Ronaldo came to the side of the field to take a handball. When he was about to shoot a handball, a fan suddenly came from behind to take a selfie with him with a phone. At that time, the security immediately arrived and surrounded the intruder near Ronaldo.

At that moment, Ronaldo lost his balance and it seems that someone stepped on his foot during the commotion. When there was no one by his side, Ronaldo bent down and held the leg that was stepped on. It looked like he was hurt, but he is lucky that it did not turn out badly. Ronaldo also entered the field last week in the Portuguese team’s home game and was confronted by a 10-footer.