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After the goalless draw with Liverpool, Manchester United goalkeeper Onana said that the famous uniqueness of the Anfield stadium felt nothing for him.

In this match, Onana was able to deftly defend the chances of the host Liverpool scoring a goal. Everyone predicted that Liverpool would lose a goal in this match, but in reality, United managed to draw a point.

After the game, Onana said, “The atmosphere of Anfield doesn’t feel anything to me. If I play at United, I will face such things and I have to be ready for everything. We’re playing big, high-pressure matches.”

“Like I said. It’s good to play at Anfield. We faced a good opponent. But we have to show that we have good players. At United, you definitely have to try to win,” he said.

In this match, Onana was able to defend Liverpool’s attacks with the best skill, including Van Dijk’s one possession opportunity.

United goalkeeper Onana went another clean sheet in the Premier League as a result of this match.