NUG Interior Minister who came to see the PDFs from the battlefield

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Eastern part of Baguio The People’s Defense Forces from the frontline battlefield along the Sittaung River Basin, National Unity Government NUG, People’s Defense Army, People’s Defense Army No. 2 Military Region Subdivision It was reported from the Deputy District Commander.

Home Minister U Lwin Ko Lat and his team went to the frontline battlefield camps and met with the PDF platoon commanders from the respective regions. It is reported that he met with father-father groups and gave instructions.

“All NUG officials are working full-time for the revolution in their respective places. Only with the support of the people have we achieved these successes,” said No. 2 Military Region Subdivision. Comrade Tin Oo, Deputy Military Regional Commander, said.

It is reported that the PDF has submitted to the NUG to supply the food, weapons, and ammunition needed as soon as possible, and the Interior Minister and the team have coordinated to meet the needs.

Last November, the front of Baguio, After the PDF battalions announced that they would step up their military operations in the Sittaung River basin, they were able to hold town and camp battles, and those areas were also controlled by the KNLA and PDF columns.

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