Microsoft Weekly: Outlook upgrades, Windows 11’s future, and Bing powered by GPT

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Microsoft Weekly:
Bing with GPT, future Windows 11 releases, and Outlook upgrades

Microsoft Weekly:
Bing with GPT, future Windows 11 releases, and Outlook upgrades

As the week draws to a close, it’s time to take another look at all the major events happening in the world of Microsoft these days. This time, we have updates for several Microsoft and third-party programs, as well as information about GPT-based versions of Bing and upcoming Windows 11 updates. So let’s get started with our weekly recaps from February 5-10.

Bing with ChatGPT

After last week’s excitement and plenty of speculation, Microsoft announced a surprise AI event earlier this week. A new version of Bing powered by OpenAI wowed the audience with this presentation. As expected, the engine now offers a chatbot-like conversational experience, but Microsoft also revealed plans to embed the underlying technology directly into the Edge browser, so it wouldn’t have to go to can be accessed at any time. Microsoft isn’t streaming live, but you can watch a recording of the event here.

Microsoft has started a queue for those who want to use the new Bing as soon as possible and show it off to a limited audience. Bing stressed that within the first 48 hours he had 1 million signups, but access is being granted on an ongoing basis, with users already revealing interesting details about the company’s developments. to seduce the company. Downloads for the Bing app also skyrocketed in the app store charts. What happens next is that Microsoft appears to be working on providing access to ChatGPT functionality as a service to other companies. Starting early next month, we may also be looking to bring new AI-powered features to Office programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. These projects make sense, and even Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates believes AI is a major driver of many of the advancements happening today.

The next “moment” for Windows 11

We learned a lot this week about the potential for future Windows 11 development. Starting with the “Moment 3” OS upgrade, Microsoft revealed a hint that it was in development. This is logical considering it’s scheduled for release in May 2023. In fact, the development of Moment 4 (Sun Valley 3 / Windows 11 23H2) seems to be progressing well.

The Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) is being phased out, as previously confirmed by Microsoft. By 2025, this retirement will be complete. Also coming soon will be faster Windows updates with a 30% smaller download size for managed client devices through the Unified Update Platform (UUP).

Moving on to Insider Preview releases, servicing pipeline build 25290.1010 (KB50234461) was released on the Dev channel earlier this week. Build 25295 was then released for the same channel with 2FA updates, the latest Windows activation troubleshooter, and bug fixes. Our research also uncovered hidden options and recommended actions for customizing RGB devices. As part of the development channel upgrade, a redesigned Image Properties dialog has been added to the Paint app.

Added tabbed notepad and many bug fixes in build 22623.1255 of the beta channel. We have also released build 25295 of Windows Server vNext which contains known issues.

The amount of external connections Windows 11 makes to transfer data compared to previous versions of the operating system is also demonstrated in a new film using unprofessional experimental methods. However, according to the latest hardware survey conducted by Steam, 30% of gamers on the platform are using Windows 11. This suggests that the operating system can convince some users.

According to Microsoft, a mitigation for DirectX apps running on Intel hardware is now available, and recent Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) upgrades have reported performance improvements of up to 50%. WSA is officially only supported on Windows 11, but a third-party patch made it possible on Windows 10 too, if you’re so inclined. Likewise, a recent upgrade allowed him to use MemTest86 Plus on a Windows PC with Secure Boot enabled. Update apps like Outlook

Various software components are updated in this section, but we’ll start with Outlook. To support a more adaptive hybrid working model, the service will soon receive several changes that will allow customers to easily adjust working hours for different days. Additionally, email senders have the option to disable email reply options.

Moving on to Microsoft Edge, the Redmond-based tech giant seems to have found a solution to the browser’s big menus. Learn more about testing your implementation on Edge Canary here. Edge’s launch of the Adobe Acrobat PDF engine next month should please many users. Given that the browser will push recommended content more aggressively, some Edge users may be resentful.

Other changes include removing the Authenticator app from Apple Watch and introducing a native Skype client for Apple Silicon Macs.

The later released Microsoft PowerToys version 0.67.1 fixed the FancyZones issue and reverted the registry change. The Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool received a significant update with many new features and PowerPoint received several accessibility additions. Finally, the Files app is now available with version 2.4.30. This includes renaming improvements, tag widgets, and favorites syncing.

to go well

As for gaming, his CMA in the UK tentatively says that Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard will be predictably bad for UK gamers. If Microsoft decides to proceed with the merger, it is clearly planned and a list of corrective actions has been provided. Interestingly, despite being the market leader, Sony complains that Microsoft is bothering them and asking for information unrelated to their deal with Activision.

However, when it comes to video games, Minecraft’s upcoming major he update will include archeology, and Age of Empires IV season 4 will include fantasy his biome and nomadic mode. The same goes for his Forspoken, which will soon receive updates for PlayStation 5 and PC. It’s the only game on the latter platform to take advantage of Microsoft’s impressive DirectStorage technology.

Finally, check out the all-new Microsoft Stellar Shift Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller, the latest deals with gold, the latest Xbox Game Pass content, and news editor Pulasthi Ariyasinghe’s handpicked his PC gaming deals this weekend. please give me.

Development channel

1) Microsoft owns his GitHub, laid off his 10% of employees, and turned it into a remote-only business. Other Microsoft companies have also experienced more layoffs.

2) Microsoft and American Express have partnered to make submitting expense reports easier.

3) Microsoft has revised the .NET language plan. be stared at

Aryeh Goretsky, administrator and member of the Neowin forums, has written a lengthy editorial highlighting the importance of obtaining software only from trusted sources. His extensive essays on his experience in cybersecurity are worth reading.

The top 10 changes a user would like to see in his file explorer were compiled in a list by news reporter Tarasbria.

Next, Neowin co-founder Stephen Parker provides an in-depth analysis of the noble chair LEGEND Black Edition. If you’re looking for a new desk chair, this article is a must read. It also featured a column from news reporter Steve Bennett. He questioned whether ChatGPT and other similar technologies are finally heralding an era when science fiction becomes reality.

Last but not least is Adam Bottjen’s Tech Tip Tuesday article. This time, I’ve explained the steps to make various gadgets forget his Wi-Fi network.


The most interesting news we saw this week was a modified version of Windows 11 (Tiny11) running on a computer with 196MB of RAM. The official RAM requirement for Windows 11 is 4GB, which is interesting. The need for this was evident in the Tiny11 demo. This demo took over 30 minutes to boot the operating system (resulting in multiple BSODs of his) and another 15 minutes to launch Task Manager.