Manchester United’s tactics

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Jurgen Klopp admitted that he was disappointed with Manchester United’s tactics. Liverpool could only play Manchester United to a goalless draw at Anfield last night, ending their 100% home win record. Although Liverpool did not show their best form in attack, they were able to create a lot of chances and were not able to use them properly, so they were satisfied with a draw.

As for United, they were able to show their spirit and tenacity that they did not see against Bournemouth Bayern, playing safe defense and creating some good chances on the counter-attack, making the hosts uncomfortable.

Van Dijk said after the game that only one team played to win this game, and Kloog said that United were only interested in playing defense.

“I need a few minutes to get over this disappointment,” said Clough. Today, I have a good understanding of their team’s tactics. On my side, I prefer to play the ball against them rather than playing defensively.

In the Premier League, if the team with the quality of Manchester United is going to play only defense, it will not be easy for us to play. We should have scored goals. Then the state of the game will change. I got a lot of opportunities. So we were unlucky.

Our game The press was really good. It was a big event for us. There were a lot of emotions. We were able to create a very good atmosphere inside and outside the field. The fans got involved and everything was good except the result.

The result is the same. We can get a lot of good things from this match. We started the match with good intensity. We didn’t have to play from behind today. We were able to play in an orderly manner from the start of the game. It was a real derby. Everything was seen in the match. The show is really good to watch.” He said.