Manchester United, who did not score a goal in Liverpool’s Anfield stadium for 5 years

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This Sunday, the England derby between Liverpool and Manchester United, which is regarded as the biggest derby in English football, will be played at Liverpool’s Anfield stadium.

Liverpool and Manchester United are currently the most successful teams in England, and traditionally, every time the two teams meet, there is a strong rivalry, so the match between Liverpool and Manchester United is a match that fans will have to watch.

According to the current situation, the host Liverpool cannot make a mistake for the Premier League championship, and the guest Manchester United cannot lose points again with the teams in the fourth stage for the Champions League, so both teams will certainly play towards victory.

However, the visitors Manchester United have had a bad record recently, and Liverpool’s Anfield stadium has a bad record of not scoring a goal in the last 5 years.

Manchester United in 2018 Since Liverpool’s 3-1 Manchester United match on December 16th, they have not been able to score at Anfield. In the past 5 years, Manchester United have played against Liverpool 4 times at Anfield, scoring zero goals and conceding 13 goals.

That’s why football experts are predicting that the host Liverpool will lose a goal to the guest Manchester United in the match between Liverpool and Manchester United on Sunday. Or it will be interesting to see if the host Liverpool will beat Manchester United without conceding a single goal as per the tradition.