Luke Shaw

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Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw has revealed his club’s main need.

Shaw sees United unable to sustain form for long and struggling to adapt, and believes they should have had a better performance against Liverpool.

“We are missing a fundamental element,” the England international defender said. Every game has to be the same whether it’s at Anfield or Old Trafford. But I think we’re missing something and that’s consistency.”

“For example, we were able to show good form against Chelsea like this game. But in the 3-W loss to Bournemouth, we were not in good form. We cannot accept this. This is something that urgently needs to be changed, and we cannot continue like this,” he said.

United, who were knocked out of the Champions League after back-to-back defeats to Bournemouth and Bayern Munich at Old Trafford, can now regain their confidence as they managed to draw Jurgen Klopp’s team at Anfield.

In addition, Tan Hath’s side became the first team to score from Anfield in the Premier League this season.

Next Saturday, United will face West Ham as an away match, and in the next week, they will host Aston Villa, who is showing good form, at home, and 3 days later, they will play consecutively against Nottingham Forest.