Liverpool coach Klopp admits that beating Manchester United 7-0 is something he will only experience once in his life.

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Many Premier League pundits are scoffing that Liverpool will beat United comfortably this season as well, and Tan Hath will be praying that they don’t repeat the same embarrassing result as last year.

Instead of dwelling on last year’s result, Liverpool coach Klopp reminded his team to understand that they are facing a great opponent and to focus on giving their best in this game.

Klopp said: “When we beat United 7-0 (last season) we knew it was a special result. This was a once-in-a-lifetime result.

If this result will benefit a team in the next game, it will not be the team that won 7-0, but the team that lost 7-0.

For us, the most important thing will be to face a historic opponent at home and play a football match against the opponent. With that, this game is already a good game.

We must know that this match is a special match. You have to understand that you have to play at your best in this game. This is the only thing we need in this match,” he commented.

The last three Manchester United managers before Tan Hath were all sacked after defeat at Anfield. We have to wait and see if Tan He can overcome this great curse.