Is releasing Tan Hag a good solution for Manchester United?

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British billionaire Ratcliffe, who will soon own a 25% stake in the famous Premier League club Manchester United, is thinking of appointing a British coach, Graham Porter, as the new coach if the current head coach of United, Eric Tanhag, has to be fired, according to sources based in England.

Manchester United’s 53-year-old Dutch head coach Eric Tanhag was recruited from Dutch top club Ajax last season, and United won the Carabao Cup under Tanhag.

Tan Hag led Manchester United to the Carabao Championship last season, but this season, due to a large number of injured players, Tan Hag’s United left the Carabao and Champions League competitions and are struggling to enter the fourth stage of the Premier League.

In addition, Tan Hag has a bad relationship with Manchester United’s senior players, and the results are bad. United’s officials are considering sacking Eric Tanhag due to a strained relationship with the players.

According to a well-known journalist, Alex Croce, United’s new shareholder, Sir Gene Ratcliffe, is not thinking about sacking Eric Tanhag, but if Tanhag has to be sacked, he wants to appoint Graham Porter, a British coach he has a good relationship with, as the new coach.

A well-known newspaper, The Sun, also reported that United’s officials will start discussing Tan Hag’s dismissal if the result gets worse in this week’s match against Liverpool, and if Tan Hag is dismissed, they are considering appointing Graham Porter as a new coach.