For Windows 11, Microsoft recently released the best music app.

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Anyone who has used the third-party tool EarTrumpet will find numerous audio features in the latest Windows 11 Insider editions. By enabling the experimental flag in recent Insider editions of Windows 11, you can test the volume he mixer that allows you to adjust the audio levels of certain programs. This also allows you to easily switch between audio outputs such as speakers or headphones.

EarTrumpet has provided access to these features on Windows for the last five years, but the features themselves are new to the operating system. Although not an exact replica of the third-party application, the Experimental Audio Mixer is similar in many ways. The copying of functionality from third-party applications by the authors of operating systems or first-party programs is called “Sherlocked.” This expressly means doing so without payment or authorization.

The term took on this connotation following Apple’s claim that he plagiarized Watson in creating Sherlock 3, but later became widely used in the software industry. If you play PC games, you’ve seen developers emulating popular mods. The way of thinking is the same.

It can be said that Microsoft’s latest move was the Sherlocked EarTrumpet. EarTrumpet is a free program, so the creators may not mind if Microsoft copies a third-party application. Former Microsoft programmer Dave Amenta and EarTrumpet co-creator Rafeal Rivera joked about Microsoft stealing software.

Rivera later tweeted that EarTrumpet implemented a similar feature earlier than he did Microsoft.

New features are hidden in Windows 11 Insider builds and may never be released. If Microsoft decides to integrate functionality into the operating system, it may make changes before release.

If you’re interested in features not implemented in Windows, check out our new Windows Unshipped series. Senior Editor Zac Bowden details these features and designs. EarTrumpet is available for free from the Microsoft Store.

This volume control app allows you to customize the volume of numerous PC apps and devices. It’s free and one of the best ways to change audio in Windows.