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The TNLA cleared the area of the 130th Army camp in Mantong, and seized more weapons and ammunition.

■ Battles continued in Namtu Township and the army used heavy weapons. 2 people died due to aerial bombardment

Yangon, December 25

Shan State According to the PSLF/TNLA News and Information Department, many more weapons and ammunition were seized during the TNLA’s clearance of the 130th Army camp in Mantong.

On December 22nd, Taang Army PSLF/TNLA seized a lot of howitzer weapons and weapons from the terrorist military base in Mantong. According to the testimony of the captured prisoners of war, during the continued search in the Khlara-130 base, on December 25th, a lot more weapons and ammunition were seized.

Today, December 25, at around 11:05 a.m., a battle broke out between the Military Council Army and the Taang Army, PSLF/TNLA, at the terrorist army camp in Namtu. After the encounter, Namtu Township’s military council troops entered Namtu town. It is reported that 2 people in Ward 3 of Nammatu were killed on the spot because Y12 aircraft dropped 28 bombs 7 times on the area near Khophat village.

In addition, the 324th infantry battalion of the terrorist army based in Nammatu township fired 19 times with heavy weapons at the people, causing an explosion in Nanlin village, destroying a house and destroying rice, oil, It is reported that 20 lakhs of money was lost in the fire.

Similarly, the terrorist army in Sinni Township attacked Sinni Township with Jet Fighter twice. The Nam Pong camp of the terrorist army in Lashio Township fired 10 times on Than Lwin village with heavy weapons. It is reported that the terrorist army arrived in Thipaw city with Mi-17 once to deliver reinforcements and weapons.