Evans asked United’s officials to give Tan Hag time

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Premier League famous club Manchester United’s veteran centre-back Johnny Evans revealed in the last interview that their team’s head coach Eric Tanhag is one of the top coaches, so their team should give Tanhag time.

Manchester United hired Dutchman Eric Tanhag from Ajax last season and appointed him as their head coach, and the contract between Tanhag and United expires in 2025.

After Eric Tanhag arrived at Manchester United, he was able to lead the team to the best of his ability, and he was able to win the Carabao Cup and lead them to the final of the FA Cup.

Tan Hag’s first season as a United coach was successful, but this season, Manchester United has many injured players. Due to the decline in performance of key players, they are struggling to get good results, and they were also eliminated from the group stage of the Champions League.

There are reports that Manchester United will soon sack Tan Hag due to their exit from the group stage of the Champions League, and Jonny Evans, who was allowed to rejoin Manchester United due to Tan Hag’s invitation in the summer market, said that their team needs to give Tan Hag time.

Jonny Evans said: “Ten Haag is a top coach. I never doubted him. In January we will have a transfer window, during which time we can improve the team. The absence of European competitions will also give the coach more time. We are going through difficult times, but we believe that once the injured players recover, the team’s situation will stabilize again. We have to give him more time,” he said.