Eric Tenhatt will support ‘Sir’ Jim Ratcliffe’s plan

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Britain’s richest business man, ‘Sir’ Jim Ratcliffe, is preparing to make a big change to the Manchester United football board, and the British newspaper Daily Mail reported that coach Eric Tanhead will fully support the project.

A source close to United has revealed to the Daily Mail that Eric Tanhead has been frustrated with the board’s arrangements during his 18-month tenure as United manager.

United’s board is not very clear in terms of player recruitment and budget setting. lack of information support; Eric Tenhatt is frustrated with players being signed at exorbitant prices. ‘Sir’ Jim Ratcliffe is close to buying a 25% stake from the Glazer family for £1.3 billion in the near future, and will try to buy all the shares in the near future.

Did Eric Tanhead speak directly with ‘Sir’ Jim Ratcliffe about his future as a United coach? .or whether he received any guarantee is still unclear.

However, an official of ‘Sir’ Jim Ratcliffe’s INEOS company said that despite United’s poor results this season, ‘Sir’ Jim Ratcliffe does not blame Eric Tanhath and believes that they are struggling due to injury problems.

‘Sir’ Jim Ratcliffe met Eric Tanhead during a visit to Carrington training ground last March and the two have not met since. However, Eric Tanhath is satisfied that ‘Sir’ Jim Ratcliffe will buy some of the United’s shares, and he will fully support the changes to the board of directors.