Dwight warned about Sancho’s departure from Manchester United

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Dwight has warned that Manchester United are about to swap Jadon Sancho and Damon striker Donald Malan. Sancho is set to leave Old Trafford either on loan or permanently as his relationship with Eric Tanhart sours.

Meanwhile, Manchester United are aiming to sign a striker in January to ease the burden on Ramses Hoyland, who joined from Atalanta for £72m in the summer. As Rufford and Martial have not been in good form this season, United are currently linking up with Guira, who is in good form with Stuttgart.

With Stuttgart unwilling to let go of their top scorer in the winter, United are looking for another option and are reportedly considering swapping Dortmund’s Malone and Sancho. Malan played for Arsenal before PSV.

Malan, 24, has scored just 18 goals in 62 Bundesliga appearances for Dortmund and Dwight believes the Holland international is not the answer to United’s attacking goal drought.

“I haven’t seen much of Don Malone play,” said Yew. But I know he scored a few goals in the Bundesliga. I haven’t seen enough of it to judge its quality. But he seems to be a comfortable player.

United cannot afford to spend more money on players who will not improve the team. You should think about this first before calling someone. If the player they’re going to add can’t improve the team where he’s playing, it’s going to stay the same. Nothing special.

United need to sign people who can take the pressure from the club and help the team win. The kind of person who can play well even if the rest of the players don’t play well. We do not see this in this list. Just one metomena is fine.

Good players have the ability to dominate matches even when the team is in a bad situation. In the current roster, without these players, it is easy to collapse.” He said.