Champions League, which will be held in a new format in the 2024-25 football season.

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The fact that Manchester United and Newcastle only finished last in their group in this year’s Champions League has become a worrying situation for the Premier League teams.

In the upcoming 2024-25 football season, the Champions League, which will be held in a new format, will include up to 36 teams, and the two European leagues with the highest coefficient ranking will have one more entry. The meaning is that teams from the two highest ranked leagues, ranked 1 to 5, will be allowed to play in the Champions League.

UEFA will decide the ranking of the leagues based on the European competition results of the respective clubs. According to ESPN’s Coefficient ranking calculation after the group matches, the English league is behind Germany and Italy and is in an uncertain position to get one more entry.

In all European competitions (UCL, UEL, UECL), Germany still has six teams (Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Leipzig, Leverkusen, Freiburg, Frankfurt) and Italy has all their seven teams (Inter Milan, AC Milan, Napoli, Lazio, Roma, Atalanta, Fiorentina). and still remain.

England, except for Manchester United and Newcastle, Manchester City. Arsenal Brighton West Ham Aston Villa Liverpool are still there. Currently, the German league leads the way with a total score of 13.357, followed by the Italian league with 13.142. The English league is in third place with 12.125, and the Spanish league is in fourth place with 12.062.

If English teams can get good results in this year’s European competitions, there is still a chance for the Premier League clubs to get an extra spot in the Champions League.

UEFA’s scoring system

2 – All wins from group stage (UCL, UEL, UECL)
1 – All wins in qualifying and play-off matches (UCL, UEL, UECL)
1 – All draws from group stage (UCL, UEL, UECL)
0.5 – All draws in qualifying and play-off matches (UCL, UEL, UECL)
4 – Group stage bonus participation (UCL, UEL)
4 – Round of 16 bonus participation (UCL)
4 – Group winners (UEL)
2 – Group runners-up (UEL)
2 – Group winners (UECL)
1 – Group runners-up (UECL)
1 – Each round clubs reach from the round of 16 (UCL, UEL, UECL)