There is a loss of cultural variety around the world as a result of customs being abandoned and urbanization.

For the same reason, people move to different cities around the world. They want a better life or want to escape poverty and other hardships. However, immigration is not welcomed by all as it can create cultural and social challenges, especially when people move from their own country. It examines how urbanization contributes to the … Read more

the prerequisites for successful cross-cultural communication

The term “culture” has been used for many years to describe the environment in which people from different cultures live and work. Intercultural communication is a difficult subject and there are some common misconceptions. Such misunderstandings exacerbate the difficulty of managing cross-cultural communication. This post provides some pointers to help you better understand how to … Read more

Techniques to lessen culture shock

I have spent most of my professional life in the field of technology. I spent my early years at his Apple, Intel, and then Google, all of which made me feel at ease. I had to prove myself to other organizations for several months before they thought I was competent enough to be hired full … Read more

Western societies’ ethical standards for cultural appropriation

Many different cultures have some basic ethical principles that can be used as recommendations for dealing with similar situations. Cultural appropriation builds on these commonalities. There is no difference between cultures in terms of whether they were forced to exist or not. How we deal with these situations can give us a glimpse of what … Read more

Aztec heritage in architecture

When the Spaniards conquered Mexico, they brought with them many architectural projects. Some examples come from civilizations such as Trakopemech, Maya and Maya Maya. The most important aspect of these massive structures was their style and design, which greatly influenced modern architecture. Although small, most of the original Aztec architecture remains today. Today, not only … Read more

Cultural practices of an Amazonian tribe

Because of their cultural significance, countless efforts have been made over the years to understand how to be tribal and how not to be. One is whether tribes are worth investigating to better understand our civilization and its evolution. This article explains what tribes are and why they are important to understanding life on Earth. … Read more

Empires and cultural absorption are related.

We began to see the cultural integration of many civilizations in the 18th century and how they could coexist. For example, in New England, Europeans viewed Native Americans as a second-class race. They believed they didn’t know their own country and culture, brought disease with them, and didn’t care about people. Over time, however, attitudes … Read more

Patterns and causes of cultural integration in the modern era

What is the definition of cultural assimilation? The ability of an individual to assimilate the cultural norms of a particular region or group and to communicate with those who belong to that culture is known as cultural assimilation. “Cultural integration” refers to the fact that the culture does not change when we discuss and interact … Read more

Extinct languages’ cultural and historical significance

Erasing a language means prohibiting the use of that language for purposes other than communication, or using it to educate others about how the language affects them. means that This includes preventing them from speaking in it, learning from it, or acquiring new information relevant to their comprehension. There are many different cultures around the … Read more

the determinants of one culture’s supremacy over another

Globalization and technological progress make people more and more connected. These factors have made people more tolerant of different cultures. According to Thomas Kuhn, the world is currently divided into two cultures. “local” and “global”. This is also an argument for considering a new culture if you don’t feel ready to absorb something that isn’t … Read more