Alisson, who advised United to give time to Onana

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Premier League club Liverpool’s number one goalkeeper Alisson revealed in his latest interview that Manchester United’s goalkeeper Onana, who is currently facing severe criticism, is a good goalkeeper and United should give time to Onana.

Onana, the 27-year-old Cameroon national team goalkeeper, moved to Manchester United from Italian Serie A top club Inter Milan in the summer market, and Manchester United had to pay more than 50 million euros for him.

Manchester United let go of long-term goalkeeper David De Gea and recruited Onana with confidence, but Onana made many mistakes after arriving at Manchester United, and because of his negligence, Manchester United conceded a lot of goals in the Champions League and lost from the group.

That’s why football analysts, including Manchester United’s fans, are suggesting that United coach Tan Hag should send Onana, who has been making mistakes, to the bench and let second goalkeeper Byenda play.

Like Onana, Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson, who moved from the Serie A to the Premier League, did not accept the words that Onana should be sent to the bench and defended Onana, saying that United should give Onana time because Onana is a good goalkeeper.

Alisson said: “Andrei Onana is a very good goalkeeper. He also showed the best performance in the last Champions League season. He came to replace David De Gea, a goalkeeper who still has good skills. Onana has the ability to replace De Gea. But sometimes goalkeepers take time to adjust to a new team. When you change to a new team, When you move to a new league, you often try to lose weight. I think Onana will be successful at United. Now, he needs everyone’s help,” he said encouragingly to Onana.