A lieutenant colonel died in battle in Kachin state

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Every time I bend, According to sources close to the 88th Magwe Division, Lt. Col. Thet Aung Aung, the battalion commander of the No. 103 Infantry Battalion (Chamber 103) based in Taungdunggyi City, was killed in battle.

Khmer 103 is a tactical 882 battalion of the No. 88 Infantry Division Headquarters (Tamakha 88) based in Magway, and is currently engaged in operations in Kachin State.

“I only know that the commander of the 103rd battalion was killed in battle. Now the frontline command is not with his division and his division, but the original division does not know the details of the process. We only know that he is dead,” a source from the 88th Division based in Magway told the Ground Voice.

Starting on October 10th, after the attack on the Mon Laik military evacuation camp, Momok Township, Kachin local news also reported that fighting took place near the village of Lai Luang Aungja under the 88th Division.

The deceased Lt. Col. Thet Aung Aung was an officer of the Military Council of the Military Academy DSA Weekly 45. According to the obituary spread on social media, the commander of the 103rd Battalion of the Khmer Rouge was killed in a frontline operation. It is also stated that he left a wife and 1 daughter at the time of his death.

In the last week of August, the battalions under the 88th Division based in Magway, such as the 301st Battalion commander, Major Zeya Tun, refused to fight. Khmer 317 battalion commander Lt. Col. Wayan also said in the operation, According to the sources of the 88th Division, they were sentenced to long-term prison terms due to their responsibilities.