2 former Premier League stars Caicido respects

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Ecuador international midfielder Moises Caicedo arrived from Brighton to Chelsea last summer for a Premier League record transfer fee of 115 million pounds. Now, he is standing as one of the main players of the Blue Lions.

Caicido, who has played 16 matches in all competitions for Chelsea this season, has yet to show the ability to match his record value. The team is still struggling to fit in. However, it has now been revealed that he is enduring a disastrous start to his Chelsea career.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Caicedo said, “I have had a lot of success throughout my career. For example – having the right to represent the national team. After that, Brighton recruited me. I had a good football season there. ”

“Because my performance is so good, people call me for money. I know you are going through a difficult time right now. Good times in football There are bad times.

“My family members are also suffering a lot. Because they are reading bad things about me. Just because I heard it. This is difficult for me. Football is like that, so I just try to stay strong. ”

“I have already prepared for this. I try to help them as much as I can. Because they are when I eat well, It’s because they’re there for me when I’m in trouble. After God, my family is the most important thing. He said.

Continuing, Caicedo revealed that he admired Chelsea’s legendary midfielder Angolo Kante and Man United’s former star Pogba when he was young. The feeling of exchanging jerseys with 4 of them is just now.

Caicido said: “Angolo Kante and Paul Pogba were my football idols. I enjoyed watching them play. When I was young, I played soccer with my neighbors, so I often played with my brother’s friends. ”

“This is amazing. Because they are older than me. Because I could learn a lot from them. Meeting Angola Kante was really amazing. ”

“When I was at Brighton, I sat on the bench the first time I met him. The match was a draw with one goal each. After the game, I ran up to him and asked him if I could share the jersey with him. He replied, “I got a lot.” ”

“He was very kind to me. It was a wonderful moment for me because I had the chance to meet my idol. It was the same when I met Paul Pogba. During the international match in Ecuador, we wore each other’s jerseys. No one can take these jerseys away from me. These are special for me. He said.